Portfolio >> Online Brochures >> SUTSU AW 2010 Catalogue | 2010
This project was SUTSU's 2010 autumn winter collection which needed to be showcased in an online brochure format.

The brochure is 59 pages in length and users can download a spred sheet to make orders from the brochure.

An external designer was used to design the brochure pages and template. I developed and implemented the magazine into an online format.
Brochure Key Features:
  • Full screen fluid template layout.
  • Thumbnail draw.
  • Print left and right buttons.
  • Current page navigation info.
  • Magnifying glass component for zooming.
  • Browser resolution detection for prompting full screen option.
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Flash
  • ActionScript 2
  • XML
  • CSS
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