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IMBIKEMAG is another free online mountain bike magazine that focuses on all aspects of mountain bike. It is pretty much a carbon copy of IKSURFMAG in regards to website structure and format. I worked with designs sent by the designer to develop this site exactly to the designer's specification. This site is both a website and an online publication using flash technology to give the page turning effect.

I coded the site from scratch using strict W3C standards to give a clean XHTML layout. There are currently 4 issues to date, each issue containing 100+ pages with integrated flash animations, video and audio. Every page in every issue of the magazine is tracked by a tracking system I designed and developed, please see here for further details on this project.

The site is also highly SEO optimised with proven success on a variety of search terms such as "online mtb magazine

The magazines use a flipping book component that I have highly customised and built a full screen fluid template that offers outstanding speed and usability.

Each magazine page is designed first then I add animations, video or audio and my tracking code where necessary using Flash before loading them into the magazine via an XML config file.
Website Key Features:
  • Cross browser compatibility. Tested in Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, IE6, IE7 +
  • Strict XHTML layout
  • JQuery Cycle for smooth transitions between images.
  • PHPList has been implemented and customised to offer a subscription feature.
  • Real time total page flicks counter.
  • Fully customized vbulletin install, with custom theme.
  • Technique and Kit Test databases which allow easy searching of back issues and offer direct links to those specific articles.
  • Search suggest implemented on databases using JQuery Auto Complete.
  • Editors Archive: A custom made simple blog tool allowing the editor to enter lastest news and dynamically update the sites content.
  • Facebook Connect is implemented on the home page to offer a rich comments feature for each new issue of the magazine.
Magazine Key Features:
  • Full screen fluid template layout.
  • Thumbnail draw.
  • Print left and right buttons.
  • Current page navigation info.
  • Magnifying glass component for zooming.
  • Browser resolution detection for prompting full screen option.
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Flash
  • ActionScript 2
  • XML
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • Facebook Connect
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